Boulder is one of the greatest cities to live in, but that desirability has created a large number of unintended consequences. Affordability especially, is a critical issue that needs much greater attention.

I moved to Boulder to attend CU in 2006, and I’ve done everything I could to stay here. Since the day I graduated I’ve held at least two jobs at the same time to remain a member of this community. I’ve seen firsthand the monetization of housing after renting for 10 years and owning a small condo for three. As our community has grown, so has the level of inequality. This has led to the loss of middle and low-income residents of Boulder and a call to densify the city with the misguided hope that more supply will mean better housing opportunities for all. While serving as Chair of Boulder’s Housing Advisory Board, I’ve concluded that only through making development pay for its impact, will we ever provide affordability for lower income workers. We need City Council members who will stand up to unrestrained development and gentrification, so we don’t lose the very things that make Boulder so loved. We need to stand tall in the face of corporate interests that overwhelm our community’s voice. We need to stand tall for Boulder.

Adam Swetlik

What I will work to do as a member of Boulder City Council:

Increase the percentage of permanently affordable units required for new housing developments while slowing growth overall.

Change the city’s engagement process so neighborhoods are an equal partner, brought in at the start of development proposals, not as an afterthought for a few last-minute tweaks.

Prioritize the subcommunity planning process so we can address projects in a more clearly thought out way that will build community, not tear it apart.

Maintain and protect our Open Space so that residents and visitors can always enjoy the beauty and natural environments that make Boulder unique.

Expand the rights and protections of renters so fewer are displaced from Boulder.

Put more resources toward housing those without homes, especially the families that make up a majority of our homeless population.

Shift Boulder’s focus from being a major corporate jobs hub to a thriving center for local and small businesses, which currently can’t keep up with rising rents.

Stand against RTD’s broken promises and unfair practices that have made mass transit inaccessible and exacerbated our in-commuting traffic to massive levels.

Ban fracking within the city limits now that local control has been invoked and continue pushing to municipalize our electrical grid.