PLAN Boulder County

We whole-heartedly endorse our former PLAN-Boulder County board member Adam Swetlik, who has impressed us with his knowledge of Boulder issues, his leadership skills, and his commitment to civic engagement. Adam’s service on the Housing Advisory Board and his outspoken support for Open Space and for exacting community benefit from the Opportunity Zone are clear indication of the thoughtful and energetic leadership he will bring the Boulder City Council.

Sierra Club

Sierra Club

Adam is a young Boulder resident who rented until two years ago and now owns a small condo. He has served on the Housing Advisory Board since its inception in 2017 and is dedicated to affordable housing. He supports the municipal utility effort, the Open Space tax, and a fracking ban. Adam works with bees in a honey-producing local business, supports green streets that parallel major streets and prioritize bikes and pedestrians. Adam also supports modest market rate housing and affordable programs including the proposed Middle Income down payment assistance program.

Boulder Weekly

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This is Adam Swetlik’s second City Council run, and we’re impressed by the work he’s done since his first attempt by engaging with the community on a much deeper level and bringing himself up to speed on many issues. For the last two years, he’s served on the Housing Advisory Board, most recently serving as its chair, and is dedicated to finding housing solutions based on the philosophy that housing is a human right, not an investment. At the same time, he’s supportive of neighborhoods wanting to keep their character and believes the City could do much more to engage the community.
Boulder Weekly

Our Revolution Boulder

Our Revolution Boulder

Our Revolution Boulder is proud to endorse Adam Swetlik – a real progressive – for City Council. A former Bernie Sanders delegate, Adam supports Improved Medicare for All and is one of the only candidates openly campaigning to ban fracking in the City of Boulder. Adam will advocate for municipalization and permanently affordable housing, and be a true progressive voice on the Council.

Planned Parenthood

100% Approval

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Colorado Rising

90% Approval

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Suzanne J

Suzanne Jones

Mayor of Boulder

We need up-and-coming leaders like Adam on City Council. He understands the urgency of the climate crisis and is an articulate champion of municipalization and other strategic climate actions. He has stepped up as chair of the new Housing Advisory Board, informed by his perspective as a young renter who worked multiple jobs for years in order to afford to buy a condo in Boulder. He has a compassionate heart, is an empathetic listener, and has a knack for bringing people together to get things done.

Cindy Carlisle

Boulder City Council Member

Adam’s passion is housing. His service on the Housing Advisory Board brings him a level of detail that allows him to see all of Boulder’s diverse housing challenges and needs—and how we might get it right. Adam is the right person at the right time to be elected to this City Council.
Cindy C

Sam W

Sam Weaver

Boulder City Council Mayor Pro Team

I am excited to endorse Adam Swetlik for Boulder City Council. As someone currently on the Council, I know Adam has learned from his service on the Housing Advisory Board, and will make an effective partner in advocating for permanently affordable housing. I also trust Adam to implement the will of the voters with municipalization; it’s time to decarbonize, decentralize and democratize, and Adam understands this.

Lisa Morzel

Boulder City Council Member

Adam Swetlik is a strong environmental advocate and supporter of Open Space. Adam has dedicated the last several years addressing Boulder’s complex housing issues as an effective member of the Housing Advisory Board. Please join me in voting for Adam Swetlik by November 5!
Lisa M

Mirabai N

Mirabai Nagel

Boulder City Council Member

Adam's dedication to our community has been impressive. He has been attending council meetings for months to stay current on the issues, not to mention the countless hours his puts in on the Housing Advisory Board. This shows me his notable level of commitment to our town, and our residents.

Judy Nogg

Housing Advisory Board Member

Having worked closely with Adam on the engagement committee of the Boulder Housing Advisory Board, I fully endorse him for election to City Council as I know him have a clear grasp of housing and other issues, a solid work ethic, skills at consensus-building, a deep commitment to affordable housing without necessitating density, an easy-going style, and the utmost of integrity.
Judy N

Karen H

Sarah Silver

Planning Board Member

Adam is a natural leader. He is smart, curious, thoughtful, optimistic, and collaborative. Through his service on the Housing Advisory Board, Adam brings to City Council experience with and a commitment to address one of Boulder's greatest challenges: housing affordability. Adam will make a first-rate city council member. I am proud to support his candidacy and urge you to support him too.

Karen Hollweg

Open Space Board of Trustees Member

Adam is a bright, amiable and energetic young man who cares deeply for Boulder and the future of our town. He understands the many impacts that our open space system is confronting now, and I look forward to his continued commitment as we work to solve these complex issues.
Karen H

Ruth Wright

Ruth Wright

Mother of Boulder's Greenbelt

Adam is part of the new generation of Boulderites who wants to continue Boulder's traditional of environmentalism. Maintaining Open Space, preventing excessive development, and keeping Boulder at the forefront of green policies are all important to our community, and I believe Adam is a candidate who will fight to advance these policies.

Dr. Gary Wockner

Author and Environmental Activist

I’m proud to endorse Adam Swetlik for City Council. Adam understands we must ban fracking within the city and resist densification efforts – two key issues that the upcoming council will face. It’s time to put the people of Boulder first, and Adam will do just that on City Council.
Dr Gary W

Together for Boulder

Edie Hooton

Colorado State Representative District 10

Alli Fronzaglia

Parks and Recreation Board Member