Helping to Reduce Inequality

For Boulder's Hard-Working Citizens

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What I Stand For

More low and middle income housing and transportation choices to reduce congestion and help the working class

Addressing the reality of Boulder's future with pragmatic solutions for population growth should be the top priority of council. Finding creative and planned housing solutions for all community members is the only way to grow sustainably and keep our working class living in Boulder. We must increase accessibility to public transportation, and advocate safe and sustainable alternative means of transportation without limiting the current needs of those traveling by car.

Housing and Transportation

Helping those most in need

The test of a great society is how it treats its most vulnerable populations. Putting our morality first is a stance Boulder needs to take. We need to enhance programs that offer real-world skill building, and provide opportunities that support the transition into community members who positively contribute to the collective good.

Human Services

Keeping Boulder a place worth living in

Access to open space is a fundamental right. We should maintain and acquire open space with intelligence, planning and commitment to conservation. We should enhance art and culture as an avenue to showcase the shared human experience. Building spaces with a focus on encouraging healthy lifestyles to keep Boulder active and thriving well into the future.


Growing entrepreneurship through small business

Private and Public sector innovation creates the foundation of a healthy and developed economy. Boulder's economic future will depend on growing and thriving small and local business, and bold entrepreneurship. Without these foundational pieces our working class citizens will not find the opportunities they need to thrive. I will help to keep the small businesses that make Boulder unique part of Boulder’s future.


Prioritize the Responsibilities of the City Government

Boulder has always placed value on confronting society's greatest challenges; I believe we should focus more on the needs of everyday citizens. Those that work here should have the opportunity to live here. We should carefully weigh projects that have the intention of helping a small group of people with the unintended consequence of being a detriment to the many. (ie. sound wall for rich people, chatuaqua parking, ect.)


Find out where I stand on a broad range of Boulder's issues.

Part of being a candidate for Boulder City Council is answering surveys questions from local community organizations. Here are some of those surveys so you can see how I responded.

Open Boulder Survey

Boulder Chamber of Commerce Survey

Boulder Blue Line Profile


Meet Adam Swetlik

Hello! Thank you for taking time to get to know me. My name is Adam Swetlik, I’m 30 years old and originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I came to Boulder in 2006 to attend CU’s Leeds School of Business. Boulder is unlike any place I’ve been, and I was instantly attracted to its beauty, progressive attitude and focus on health and wellness.

My time at CU was shared in part with Colorado Crew. Being a rower taught me what it meant to strive for a purpose, a discipline I’ve since applied across my life. After four years of waking up for 5:30 a.m. practice, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business, an emphasis in marketing and a deep appreciation for a good Boulder sunrise. After graduation I accepted the role of Head Men’s Coach for Colorado Crew. I served four rewarding years as coach, watching my team learn and grow together.

In 2010, I took what I thought would be a temporary job at SparkFun Electronics, a Boulder company started by CU alumnus Nathan Seidle. SparkFun was a startup at the time, with the mission of bringing creativity and invention into as many people’s lives as possible. Seven years later, I’m now SparkFun’s Product Marketing Manager, and I support that mission every day. I also have a weekend job as a doorman at Boulder’s Walrus Saloon, where I help provide a safe environment for patrons. Having multiple jobs is a necessity for me to live in the city I love, as it is for many in Boulder.

Today I’m working for a seat on the City Council because I have seen and experienced some of the serious challenges Boulder citizens face. The 2016 election season was a true awakening to me showing progressive values are the best way to reduce inequality. We need a council that represents all members of our community, including younger and lower-income residents, who face a growing affordable housing shortage. After renting and saving for 10 years, I was fortunate to purchase a one-bedroom condo, a prospect that is becoming increasingly difficult or impossible for many Boulder residents. The majority of people I know work several jobs, but have little hope of living where they work in the long term, let alone owning property. Commuting has become a requirement for most, not a choice. I see opportunities for advancement or homeownership going only to those who can afford the formidable price tag. Without a quick change in direction, Boulder will lose any remaining affordability for the average citizen.

Now I’m fighting for a greater purpose - to represent and give a voice to all citizens of Boulder, so they can remain citizens instead of joining the growing ranks of commuters. I will fight for those who are too busy working two or more jobs to fight for themselves, and to make sure that our tax dollars go toward the greatest good. If you give me the chance to represent you on City Council, I will fight with all that I have. I will fight for you.